Please ensure the following:

Verify that you are using the correct audio input on the back of the PBX
Confirm that the PBX is transmitting audio correctly
Verify that audio is being transmitted correctly from your mixer to the PBX

1 - Identify the correct audio input

Looking at the back of the PBX you will see four 3.5mm audio ports in a square formation. The ports you need to use are:

Top Right: This is the input which takes audio from your mixer so that callers can hear the meeting.
Bottom Right: This is the output which transmits audio from the callers when they are answering.

NOTE: PBX’s formally used the bottom left port as the audio input. If you are still using this port and it is still working for you, please continue to do so. If you need to switch ports, please contact us via Support and we will supply instructions on how to change to the new port.

2 - Confirm that the PBX audio is functioning correctly

Plug a smart phone directly into the PBX audio input with a 3.5mm audio cable, then play some music.
Set up a Temporary meeting using the meeting type "Test" in the Vattendance web portal
Wait two minutes and then dial your Vattendance phone number to listen to the conference.
If you can hear the music being played from the smartphone, the PBX is functioning correctly

3 - Verify that audio is being transmitted from your mixer

Please contact your local LDC representative regarding this as it is outside of our skill set.