Please see an explanation below of all aspects of these reports.

Conference Start
The time that the phone conference is started by the PBX. This is typically 20 minutes before the scheduled start of the meeting.

Meeting Start
This is when the meeting actually starts. This should be identical to the scheduled start time of your meeting. However if the PBX has previously not been communicating with the web portal (either because of internet issues or being turned off), and then makes contact with the portal mid-meeting, then the meeting will start at that point.

Meeting End
This is when the meeting ended. While the meeting is in progress, this box will display the scheduled end time.

Active Listeners
The number of people listening to this meeting at this point in time.

Reportable Listeners
The number of people who were listening at the half way point of the meeting. This is the best number to use for the count.

Peak Listeners
The most people that were listening at any one time.