There are two levels of portal access. PBX Admins, and Congregation Users.

PBX Admin:

What can they access?
A PBX Admin has read/write access and can perform any function for the PBX he is assigned.

This includes:
Viewing Online/Offline information
Changing PIN
Adding/removing Recognised Callers
Configuring meeting times
Add other PBX Admins
Add Congregation Users

What reports do they receive?
A PBX admin will receive online/offline notifications via email. They will not receive post-meetings reports unless they are also added as a Congregation User.

Who should I assign as a PBX Admin?
There should be at least one technical contact person for each congregation sharing your Kingdom Hall assigned as PBX Admins. This should include the brothers who are assigned to look after your Kingdom Hall's network and sound desk.

Congregation User

What can they access?
A Congregation User has read only access to meeting reports for the congregation they are assigned to. They can view all present and historical meeting reports for their assigned congregation.

A Congregation User can be assigned to more than one congregation.

What reports do they receive?
They will also receive a post meeting report after each meeting. They do not receive online/offline notifications.

Who should assign as a Congregation User?
All field service group overseers.
Any Admins that want to receive post-meeting reports