To make adding a large list of Recognised Callers easier, you can upload them using a .CSV (comma separated values) file.

Open a spreadsheet application and create a new file (this example uses Microsoft Excel for Mac)

Highlight the first two columns and right click on the header. Then select "Format Cells"

Under the "Number" tab select the format "Text" and click "Ok"

Why is this important? Because Excel by default will remove any leading "0"s from a cell. Because we are entering phone numbers with leading "0"s (0390219220 for example) we need to change the cell format to allow this.

Now begin populating your spreadsheet. The top line should contain "name" and "number" with the names and numbers of your callers underneath.

Please enter the full phone number (including area code)

When finished populating, click "File" then "Save As"

Save the file using the format "Comma Seperated Values (.csv)". You may choose any name you like.

It may be a good idea to also save a copy of this file in .xlsx format. The reason for this is .csv files are unable to save the formatting of cells that you configured earlier. This means that if you open the file again in Excel, you will lose all the leading 0's. Saving in .xlsx will mean you can keep on adding to the file for future changes without losing the leading 0's.

Close the spreadsheet.

Note: You may get the warning message show below. This is quite normal.

Login to the Vattendance Portal. From the main page, find the "Recognised Callers" section and click "View"

Click the "Bulk Import" button

Click "Browse"

Locate and select the .csv file you just created and click "Open"

The page should now display the names and numbers of the callers in the .csv file. Select the Congregation they belong to and whether you would like these callers to Bypass the PIN. Then click "Import Contacts"

You have now finished importing your Recognised Callers